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Calibre Pest Control Sydney

Pest Management, Removal & Pest Control Sydney service. Proudly serving in Sydney NSW for residents, commercial properties and more.

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Sydney’s Most Effective & Efficient Pest Control Service Near You

“When the going gets tough, the tough get Calibre Pest Control”

Calibre Pest Control Sydney is a committed team of exterminators who have years of experience under their belt aimed at delivering quality result and exceeding expectations in not only the work at hand but also customer satisfaction and service. It doesn’t matter the size of your property, whether residential, commercial, strata, industrial, we are the reliable and affordable exterminators near you.

Our process begins by initially inspecting the property, assess any pest and damages, recommend custom solutions and treatments, pest manage and then evaluate. Call now for a free quote or book an appointment for inspection today!

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Residential Pest Control

Calibre Pest Control Sydney offers affordable residential services for homeowners. Our team are fully licensed, well-equipped and trained professionals that can solve your domestic pest control whether you have a cottage, duplex, double-storey, townhouse, apartment, unit or a brand new home. Say no and get rid of spiders, cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, moths, mites, fleas, centipedes, ants and more today.

A home is prone to outbreaks and may experience infestation at any given time. We have all the necessary and up to date tools and experience to deal with any level of infestation now and forever. Calibre Pest Control services not only can treat but also gets rid of unwanted bugs and critters away from your home.

The basic and typical control of pest often involves the use of products that are safe to people and pets if followed correctly – which we will inform you in detail. Other specialty pest control Sydney services for mice and rats, flies, bed bugs, termites, birds, and even fleas can also be done. We strive to offer treatment products that are environmentally friendly when available. For a residential pest control Sydney service, call now!

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Commercial Pest Control

Looking to eliminate any infestation for your commercial property instead? Our team of Sydney exterminators can also service businesses and institutions.

We have efficient and professional pest prevention strategies and pest management plans that cater towards, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centres, hotels, schools, offices and more. The pest services we offer have been proven to satisfy industrial and commercial property requirements. If you need a professional and affordable pest exterminator, look no further.

Pest control is essential to businesses for numerous reasons, the most significant being the health risks involved. Pests present critical health risks especially for businesses that require a high standard of cleanliness in the environment to be clean such as cafes, clinics, and restaurants. Owners should be aiming to prevent a disease from spreading and food contamination. Infestations that occur may also need management and maintenance. Another issues would be the impact on a building’s structural integrity. The health and safety of your customers, employees and yourself should come first.

Our commercial pest control follows safety guidelines and is insured and licensed to take on any jobs from big or small. A pest control method and plan can be the difference between the failure and success of a company. Failure to execute an effective pest management plan can be harmful. For a commercial pest control Sydney service, call now!

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“When the going gets tough, the tough get Calibre Pest Control”

Call: 1300 241 852

Customer Testimonials

“We have been customers of Calibre Pest Control for years and we love the work they do. They are fast, efficient and friendly. They have helped us through a few pest problems and we would highly recommend.”

- Suzy H
“Calibre Pest Control was on the ball! They are punctual, thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. They assessed our property and knew what was wrong and how to handle it – offering us options and ideal solutions to fit with our situation. Again great service!”
- Richard M

“Highly Recommend Calibre. Great local pest service provider. James was wonderful and we appreciate the quarterly service he has completed. He was very professional. Thanks!”

- Teresa B