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After a professional pest control service in Bella Vista? Want to get rid of pests or rodents? Calibre is the local pest experts near you. We are a committed team of specialists & exterminators who have years of experience with the most up to date techniques and products. We aim on delivering quality results and exceeding expectations in not only the work at hand but also customer satisfaction and service.

We serve the Bella Vista area and the surrounds for residential, commercial, strata, industrial, government and more – inside and out! We are the reliable and affordable exterminators in the area. We specialize in but not limited to:


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Professional Local Pest Control Technicians

Our team are fully licensed, well-equipped and trained professionals that can solve your domestic pest issue to not only treat but to also prevent and remove any unwanted critters.

Our process begins by initially inspecting the property and assessing any pest and damages, we then recommend custom solutions and treatments specifically for the pest and type of property. Pest management and removal takes place and then evaluation afterwards to make sure that you are pest free guaranteed. Call now for a free quote or book an appointment for inspection.

Calibre Pest Control Bella Vista offers affordable pest services. Whether you have a cottage, duplex, factory, double-storey, restaurant, townhouse, storefront, apartment, unit, cafe, hotel, school, supermarket or a brand new home.

We strive to offer treatment products that are environmentally friendly when handled correctly so that it is safe for the family, pets, employees and customers. So don’t worry, just call and let us do the work. Spend the day out with friends or family and grab a bite at Frango.

Pest prevention and removal is essential to businesses for a number of reasons, the most important is the health risks involved. Pests presents critical risks especially for businesses that require a high standard of cleanliness in the environment, such as cafes, clinics, and restaurants. Owners should be aiming to prevent disease and food contamination from spreading. Infestations that occur may also need management and maintenance.

Another critical issue would be the impact on a building’s structural integrity. The health and safety of your customers, employees and yourself should come first. Our experts follows safety guidelines and are insured and licensed to take on any jobs.


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Bella Vista Termite Control & Prevention

Termites otherwise known as white ants are one of the most destructive pests you can possibly have in your home. There are over 200 different species of termites and they can cause thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in severe damages to homes and businesses. They are quite hard to notice without a thorough inspection because they do not show themselves anywhere there is light which makes it hard for residents to know that they exist until there is already an infestation or damages.

Even a small termite infestation can cause serious structural damage to your property. It is important to be proactive and take cautious steps to prevent a termite infestation and treat straight away. Do NOT disturb their nest when spotted. Call a professional straight away – spotting and knowing where their nest is is easier to combat and termite control then when they go scurrying away. They can hide for months in another part of the property before coming back.

Calibre Pest Control Bella Vista offers a thorough yet affordable termite inspection to not only locate any termite presence but also damages and solutions in treating the property. Thereafter a treatment plan is developed that is effective, and aims to remove a termite infestation. Tips and other preventative measures are also taken place and recommended so that future invasions would not occur.

For more information on why our termite services is highly regarded, call us today or to schedule an inspection. We are flexible and can work around you and find a time that best suits you.

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  • Family Owned & locally operated.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with a focus on safety, customer service and quality.
  • Free advice and quotes with no hidden fees.
  • We are the ultimate professional Bella Vista pest control exterminators near you

Don’t see the pest you have on our page? Call us now to enquire – we can definitely handle them. We have custom tailored pest control Bella Vista packages to suit your needs and wants.

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Customer Testimonials

“We have been customers of Calibre Pest Control for years and we love the work they do. They are fast, efficient and friendly. They have helped us through a few pest problems and we would highly recommend.”

- Suzy H

“Calibre Pest Control was on the ball! They are punctual, thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. They assessed our property and knew what was wrong and how to handle it – offering us options and ideal solutions to fit with our situation. Again great service!”

- Richard M

“Highly Recommend Calibre. Great local pest service provider. James was wonderful and we appreciate the quarterly service he has completed. He was very professional. Thanks!”

- Teresa B